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WELCOME! This site is for anyone looking to learn or enhance their knowledge in Human Physiology. You are welcome to join and make any edits that you feel would be appropriate and help to improve this site.

Notes of current interest
The Online Resources lists several sites with animations and tutorials. For example, to better understand how neurons work check out this site.
Provo College Students: If you are looking for extra help with the wiki please contact Kari (razaelas), who will give tutorials.


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Here is a short video where Kevin introduces the site. Here is an even shorter video, captured using Jing. Notes and review questions have been created for every chapter that was covered during lectures to Provo College in 2007. Every page could be reorganized, added to, or enhanced. Please feel free to help at any time. To get started:

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  • Start editing! Add content, fix typos, improve questions, post links to online material, etc. For complete instructions on any editing procedure, visit the How To page.

In making notes, it may be worthwhile to re-watch the recorded lectures. Another resource is the online physiology book that prior classes made at wikibooks.org. All of the material in the online book is free of copyright, so if there is something you like you can copy/paste from it and modify it as you see fit.

There is a new page of Study Tips that may help you improve your study skills and test-taking strategies.

Physiology Rocks!

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